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After fifteen years in the design industry, we have finally decided to publish a commemorative lookbook featuring like-minded individuals, artists and muses that speak the language of our brand.

Our first lookbook, fifteen years later →

I have no interest in creating two pieces that are exactly alike. The gems I find drive the designs. Wearers must feel the piece. They must be transformed.

The Designer

Wynn Wynn Ong was born – though not raised – in Burma. Brought up in Vienna and Manila from the age of two, her continental upbringing and childhood travels throughout Europe formed her distinct sense of aesthetics.

Born into a family of women who collected jewelry, and in a nation famed for its gems, her childhood visits to the souks of Istanbul, the gold markets of Beirut and Karachi, and the gem emporiums of Chandni Chowk in Delhi, cemented her passion. In a 2008 article she wrote for Town & Country Philippines titled The Language of Stones, she said “Gems were once so plentiful in Burma that my great grandmother’s fishpond was littered with rough, semi-precious pebbles . . . . deep beds of tourmaline, garnet, citrine, peridot, amethyst, spinel, sapphires, and rubies. Older Burmese remember the times when the mountains ofMogoke, where rubies continue to be mined, used to glow blood red at dusk. The slopes were scattered with corundum which would catch the dying suns’ rays.”

I have been drawn to the 'different', to the unique, and the quirky, my entire life. I believe that jewelry should reflect a person's individuality and that pieces should be crafted by hand. Stones, and their settings, should form stories that tease the mind and taunt the senses.

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The Process

Each piece is designed with specific gems in mind and crafted entirely by hand. Age old techniques such as sculpting, forging, hammering, stamping, chasing, reticulating, and repoussé, as well as the ancient lost wax method of casting are used on precious metals. Gems vary from the known to the rare and obscure. Their common bonds are their personalities and the stories they tell.

Every jewelry to has be a blend of form and function. How it will fall on the body. It’s very important for me to understand how the body works and the structure. You design around that.

Inspired by ancient civilizations, this collection focused on techniques from the Greco-Roman early period such as repoussee and chasing.
This collection was the first featuring Philippine flora and fauna using recycled rare wood as well as sustainable native pieces. The focus of each cuff, necklace, or ring was a sculptured…
This collection was commissioned a year in advance by the Philippine Young President's Organization specifically for their November hosting of the Worldwide members. All the pieces were rendered in…
This comprised of two separate capsule collections: the first composed of complex floral-inspired pieces using Brazilian gemstones; the second a more contemporary line in gold and custom cut gems.
Large non-traditional pieces of jewellery were gaining foothold and this collection celebrated and promoted the use of one singular piece of jewellery for every outfit, rather than the old need for…
A collection with a wider range of pieces from neck, wrist, finger, to hair ornaments made from sculptural pieces using the lost wax method for the first time. Faceted loose gems were also mixed with…



You may preview Wynn's work at the following places:

Upcoming events:

  • Child Protection Network Show — August 2016
  • Kaanas / Thread 365 Trunk Show — October 2016
  • Metrowear ARTISTRY — November 2016
  • Seasonal Trunk Show — December 2016

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