That ‘certain sense of perfection’: 15 years of the art of Wynn Wynn Ong

A retrospective of the work of one of the most-copied designers around will be ‘no dry exhibit of beauty’

When Wynn Wynn Ong began preparing for her upcoming retrospective exhibit, she was deluged with generous collectors proffering to loan their pieces, such as jewelry, furniture, objets d’art. The artist and designer was faced with the happy dilemma of whittling down the showpieces to a “relevant, cogent” collection that best sums up the first 15 years of her remarkable career.

But more than a celebration of her achievements, Ong wants “Wynn Wynn Ong: Redefining Boundaries” (March 9-June 15 at the Yuchengco Museum in Makati City) to be a “learning tool, to open people’s minds.”

“Someone pointed out to me that the exhibit will not be for my collectors, because my collectors will always be there,” she says. “‘You want it to be a way of mentoring,’ my friend said.”

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