Culture Chic

A trunkshow highlighting tradition through contemporary and casual pieces

Kaanas and Wynn Wynn Ong, two brands rooted in local tradition, come together for the first time at a trunkshow this October 2016.

Emerging footwear brand, Kaanas, began its story when two sisters, Liliana and Natalia Acevedo, discovered a matriarchal tribe in a little known place in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. To this day, the tribe called Wayuu, survive and sustain themselves through a traditional weaving technique. The sisters were inspired to create an updated design of the classic espadrille to highlight the intricate patterns that the Wayuu tribe weaves into textiles. A casual yet sophisticated slip-on that celebrates centuries of cultural heritage was born!

With a commitment to remain true to its origins, Kaanas are handmade in a small factory in Colombia using eco-friendly materials sourced from all over the world.

After several successful seasons selling its original silhouette to specialty boutiques internationally, Kaanas has evolved to include new materials and designs such as stylish leather sneakers, chic sandals and booties with a boho vibe.

In 2016, esteemed artist and visionary, Wynn Wynn Ong, celebrates fifteen years of fantasy through her carefully crafted and curated jewelry line. The Burmese-born designer who was raised in Vienna and Manila continues to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect her continental and European upbringing. These multi-cultural influences along with her fondness for travel to far-flung places continue to inspire the distinct aesthetic of her namesake collection.

Every Wynn Wynn Ong piece, be it a known gem or a rare stone, is crafted entirely by hand using age-old techniques such as sculpting, forging, hammering, stamping, chasing, reticulating and repousse, as well as the ancient lost wax method of casting metals.

The latest Wynn Wynn Ong collection is inspired by the legendary bulol. Worshipped vastly across the Northern Luzon region, these carvings were said to host the guardian spirits of ancestors or great and powerful rice gods. They are revered for granting bountiful rice harvests and fertility. While Wynn Wynn has been designing Filipino themed pieces since 2010, this latest collection that ranges from jewelry to belts has a contemporary feel; blending materials like leather, silk cords, abaca, brass and silver and can be comfortably worn dressed up or more casually, even as resort wear.

These new pieces from Wynn Wynn Ong along with the latest collection of Kaanas will be introduced in Culture Chic, a trunkshow on October 22, Saturday, G/F Karrivin Plaza at 2316 Chino Roces Avenue extension from 10am to 6 pm.



You may preview Wynn's work at the following places:

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